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Web Team Announcement

Joomla Update Disclaimer

Heads up: We strongly recommend NOT installing Joomla updates yourself. When you log into the backend of your website, you may be prompted to update to the newest version of Joomla. Most of our websites are running specialized custom components that don’t come standard with the stock version of Joomla. For example, embedded Bibles, MP3 & […]

Create Your Apple Developer Account

Apple Developer Accounts Due to recent updates to Apple’s policies, you are required to publish your application under your own Developer account. Please note that the creation of a Developer account involves a direct agreement between yourself/your organization and Apple. For new app customers, your app must initially be published under your own account. For […]

Set Your MK Countdown Timer

Set Your MK Timer Countdown Click “Extensions” Click “Modules” Find the module for your countdown in the list, and click the title From here, you can set the date for your event, add a title to the countdown, and even add a message to pair with the countdown timer You can change the coloring and […]

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