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We use two different plugins for sermon management. If you use Sermon Manager, use the first set of intructions, for Church Admin, the second set!

Sermon Manager Plugin Instructions Here

Your messages page is set up a short code so that when you add new messages to the sermon section of your site, the automatically appear to the “messages” page on your website.

*Please note, the messages must be in mp3 or mp4 format and cannot exceed 400mb*

To add new message, you will login to the website dashboard and choose the “sermons” on the left side menu and then the “add new”

A new page will load where you can add your information for the sermon.  If you are wanting to add search criteria you can do so in the right menu. Type in the “preacher” “bible passage” ect. And click the “add” button. This will then appear as a future option for your other sermons.

To add the media file scroll down until you see the description. Click on the “add media” button that appears by the description:

This will pull up your media files. If you have not yet uploaded your message you can do so here.

You can drag and drop your file into the section or you can click the blue “upload file” text

Once the file has uploaded click the blue “insert to sermon” button

This will add the file to your description section.

To save the file and publish it on the site you now need to click the blue “publish” button on the right side of the screen

Your message now appears on your sermons/messages page!

Church Admin Plugin

Here is a guide to how to upload your sermons to your app or website with Church Admin

1. log into the back end of your website. You should be in the ‘Dashboard’ area. Go down the gray menu on the left-hand side and click Church Admin.

2. In the Church Admin menu go down and click Media
3. You should see the media files of what has already been uploaded, if you already have had some uploaded media. From there, click the Upload Sermon menu item under Media.

4. Begin to fill out the information for the sermon Title, etc. Further down there is an Mp3/M4a File where you can choose the file. This is where you will click to bring up a pop up box that will allow you to navigate your computer’s files to find and select the media file you want to add.


5. Scroll down from there and click Save File


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