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Quick Start Guide – Media TV Platform

For further Technical Support you can reach Dr. David Yanez at RevMedia at 


​ or submit a support a ticket here​

To log in to your live streaming dashboard, click on the following link:



Once you log in to your dashboard, take a look at the online manual. This will walk you through the steps to get started. Once logged in, click on “Get Support” on the menu to the left. You can read some basic information on the different streaming options below. You may need to make a few adjustments on your broadcaster and your videos to enable it to play on all devices.


1.) Web Based Flash Broadcaster

Gives a great picture you can access it after going to broadcast in system and picking your channel. This is a browser-based broadcaster if you don’t see a picture its not working. I have seen it work on Internet Explorer but not Chrome. Just test it out in a few browsers to see it works for you. This one gives the best picture but only can be seen in flash based devices not all devices like ipad.



(This is the only way to stream to devices other than flash based devices. Things like ipads, iphones, roku, set top boxes and all devices)

1. Access it in broadcasting section after choosing a channel. Download for free to your PC. It only works on PC.
2. After installing it. it will place a desktop icon on your PC. Every time you open it you will login to it with your RevMedia TV login credentials listed above.
3. You then pick the channel you want to use (if you have multiple channels), Video source and audio.
4. When your ready to broadcast just click on the broadcast button.

This is my favorite broadcaster because it’s easy to use and gives a great picture. One thing to note is that the sound source can’t be changed other than the default settings microphone in/stereo mix (default).

**SVideo doesn’t work on any level of streaming. Please don’t try to use S-Video connections. Use the RCA/Composite settings instead.**


3.) Two other ways to stream

Two other ways to stream are through your Ipad, Iphone/Android phones. Just download the apps to your phone and enter your login information similar to using SD Wave. But you will need to copy the RTMP Server Address and Stream Name to the device each time you use them. This option is great for conventions, mobile and remote broadcasting on the go because you don’t need a camera and computer.

You can find your Third Party Configuration Settings for you channel in the broadcasting section after picking a channel.


4.) Adobe Flash Live Encoder 3.2 Only on MAC

This will broadcast to all devices, Roku, Set Top boxes and iphone/ipad as well as androids and PC’s. You will need to change a few settings to make it work. While in AFMLE change your video format to H.264 and audio format to ACC. Both these settings must be selected for server to recognize where to send it.


5.) Adobe Flash Live Encoder on PC

On a PC this will only broadcast to Flash devices due to not being able to change the audio format. 



Is optional All videos that want to be included on Roku, STB (Set Top Boxes), mobile devices and ipad/iphone must be encoded using our built in system encoder. Its really simple and takes the guessing away from the broadcaster on the correct formats for each system. You just select the video to encoder than which encoding and hit save. That’s it!

What you need to know about Encoding?

1. Go to Media Library>Videos
2. Click on Edit on the Video you want to Encode
3. Below your video image select Publishing/Encoding
4. Select the Encodes you want and save encode settings
5. Your video will be encoded and available for broadcast

Encode Choices

1. Encoding to HTML 5 will make your video available to all devices, mobile, Roku, STB and Iphone/Ipad.
2. Encoding to 480 is a default setting. Anything over will not be seen on iphone/ipad.
3. 720/1080 use these if you want a larger file format on other devices. My suggestion is just to use 480p. Unless your broadcasting a motion picture this size really won’t make a difference on all the devices. 
4. 144p, 240p & 360p are different size formats to all mobile devices. If you want to broadcast to all mobiles you will need to encode to all three formats.
5. Every time you encode you will see directly below the encoding choices a blue bar displaying how many encodes it will take to perform your choices.

You will need to purchase encodes to Encode.

Purchasing Encodes

1. Login>Account Dashboard>Billing & Usage
2. You will see where you can purchase additional Bandwidth, Storage and Encodes. It will also show you how many encodings you have left.
3. Under Encodes click on Buy More.
4. Select the amount you want to buy $14/20 additional Encodings, $20/30 additional Encodings or $25/50 additional Encodings.
5. Check out through your Paypal account.
6. The encodings will be available in your account immediately after purchase.
7. Replenish only when you need.

Set Publishing Details

1. Go to Media Library>Videos
2. Click on Edit on the Video you want to Publishing
3. Below your video image select Publishing/Encoding
4. Click the Check box for Website, Roku (option only is available after encoding to html 5) and STB
5. Save Your videos are now available on selected broadcasters

You can see what a video is published to on Manage Videos. You will see the devices logos beside your video which indicates the broadcaster your video is available on.


Bootstrap Technology

Our system is equipped with bootstrap technology it will send the correctly encoded video to the correct device, Roku and so on, automatically.



Is available to anyone that owns a Roku device. They will need to add RevMedia to their roku device via adding a private channel. Our Vanity code is revmediatv. They will be asked after entering vanity code. Roku will direct them how to finish adding the channel by sending them online to a specific url to add a auto populated code to confirm. After that they will see RevMedia in their channel listings.

A few things you need to know about Roku that will make a better experience for your viewers.

1. Your channel image must be a JPG not a PNG. Roku darkens the PNG. Make sure size of the image fits in Video channel if image is to big your channel will have the RM logo.

2. Another thing is that all live streams must be with either the SD Wave or Adobe Flash on a Mac with correct settings.

3. To broadcast your Channel Playlist on Roku you will need to encode each video including autorecordings through our encoder in system. If one video in the playlist is not encoded the entire playlist won’t play. Its easy to see which videos has been encoded when your creating a playlist. Encoded videos will have a blue ME in the video thumbnail selection.

4. Once you encoded a video it will be available on Roku if your selected that for it to be available.


Set Top Boxes

1. Follow all the same protocol as Roku
2. Almost any Set Top Box (Amazon, Apple, Google Play etc…)will pull your channel up by entering the URL of your channel page.

Create a playlist to be available to be seen on Roku, STB, all devices, mobiles and ipad/iphone. Its simple and exactly like creating a regular flash based playlists. Just include encoded videos in your HTML 5 playlist. That’s it.


Channel Playlist HTML 5

1. Login>Playlists>Live Playlists
2. To create a playlist click +New Playlist
3. Add videos by pressing selecting videos and either dragging or pressing + on video. Remember add only videos that show a small ME on Video Thumbnail to be able to play on Roku.
4. Click save playlist.


Assign Live Playlist

1. Account Dashboard>Playlists>Live Playlists
2. Find the Playlists you want to assign. Under Actions click on pull down menu choose Assign.
3. Choose the channel you want to assign playlist.
4. Select Start playing from publishing time and Endless Loop.
5. Save and your done.
6. You can add a playlist to start at a specific date and time. Make sure endless loop is not selected for this feature.


Enable Channel for HTML 5, Roku & STB

Every Channel created must be enabled to broadcast to all devices by the broadcaster. You can do this by going to edit channel and selecting publishing. Enable the Roku, STB and HTML 5 playback for your channel.


Radio Channels

You can now create 3 radio channels (if you need more channels let David know he can add more to your username) on our new HD Radio Streaming Platform. You can either do a live broadcast or create a playlists with your favorite MP3 format collection. System only plays MP3’s and Live shows can’t record for archive at this time. 

HD Radio broadcasts on our internet station, mobile devices, ipad/iphone/android and shoutcast servers (millions listen daily)..


Creating Radio Channels and Audio Library

1. Account Dashboard>Channels>Radio Channels>+New Channel
2. Name Channel/Upload image/Description then Save
3. Media/Audio File Library
4. Click on Choose an audio file to upload
5. After files uploaded you can change name, artist, genre (use Other for now until we get some new ones in there) and Save.
6. Choose audio files by clicking box beside them then click Build Playlist.
7. Save Playlist


Assign Radio Playlist

1. Account Dashboard>Playlists>Audio Playlists
2. Find the Playlists you want to assign. Under Actions click on pull down menu choose Assign.
3. Choose the radio channel you want to assign playlist.
4. Once you save it will automatically publish
5. Save and your done.
6. You can add a playlist to start at a specific date and time. Make sure endless loop is not selected for this feature.


Broadcasting Live Radio

1. Channels>Pick the Radio Channel you want to broadcasting.
2. Option 3 gives you several broadcasting app to choose from for your show. Download application into the computer you will use.
3. On the right side of application is Information tab that will give you system requirements and broadcast settings for the app you choose.
4. Follow instructions to setup your application after install. If you use Winamp or Virtual Dj you will need to add a dj name/password to the Radio channel. Just go to edit channel settings to add a custom dj name/password. (its up to you what you want to put)
5. When broadcasting please be sure to set the broadcaster WinAmp/Virtual Dj to record a copy of the show for you. (Currently we are unable to auto record in Radio platform live shows.)

LiveStreaming Support Guide

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