Helpful Hints

Make a mistake?

Don’t fret! Changes will not push to the front of your site until you hit the “update” or “publish” buttons. If you make a mistake within an article page you can undo that mistake by going to the history icon in your left side menu

When you click on that icon it will pull up a list of all the changes you have made on the page you are working on. You can just click the title before the change you made that you did not like and it will revert the page back to that previous setting!

Can’t locate a layer?

Due to spacing, sometimes a layer can be hard to find

If you are having an issue finding the layer in any of your pages we have an easy trick for you!

Go the left side menu of your screen and click the “navigator” icon

This will pop up a box that will show each section on your page starting at the top

This will then give you the option to choose the section you want and allows for you to make your edits on the left side menu as per usual.

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