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Add New Particles

Add New Particles to Your Home Page

Using the Gantry 5 Component

You have the ability to add, remove, and/or reposition all of the elements on your Expert Package home page.

 Screenshot and image information is for reference only and may not reflect exactly what you see inside your website

Click “Components”

Hover on “Gantry 5 Themes”

Click “Default Theme”

Change the “Base Outline” to “(Your Template)- Home

Next, select the “Layout” tab

Click the “Plus” sign in the area you would like to place your new particle

This will add a new row to that area

You will now be able to drag & drop your desired particle into the new empty row you created in the step above

You will add new content and personalize your new particle by clicking the settings cog to the far right of the particle block
Be sure you click “Save Layout” in the upper right or lower left hand corner of your page, and flush your cache to see your changes on your home page right away
Add New Particles

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