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Add a New Page Tutorial

The instructions for adding a new page will vary slightly by template.
Watch the video or follow the step by step instructions below!

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

Log in to your dashboard and click the “pages”  and “add new” buttons

This page will load

You can enter your page title here.

Once that is added, click the blue “edit with elementor” button

Your new page will then load. Depending on your template, you will most likely have your header and footer already added to the page.

You can add a new section to the page by clicking the pink plus on the right side of the screen. This will then give you the option to choose how many cells you want in that section. For this tutorial we will do two cells.

The boxes will appear on your screen with plus signs within the cells

Click on the plus sign to add your choice of  widget from the left side menu . Drag and drop your widget option to the cell of your choice. I will do an image on the left side and a text editor on the right side

To make the section full width click on the blue dots above your cells

The left side menu will change. Toggle the “stretch section” to “Yes”

To hide the title on your page, Click the “settings” on the bottom of the left side menu

And toggle the “hide title” to “Yes”

There are many different things you can do within the page and they vary by widget. Experiment as much as you would like and feel free to call the web team with any additional questions. 1-800-827-5167.

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