Your Website Statistics and Analytics

Your website comes equipped with the component JRealtime Analytics to enable you to have visibility of who is viewing your website, how often, and from what device.

To access your analytics, click "Components" from the main menu

Click "JRealtime Analytics"

This will open the JRealtime Analytics dashboard. On the dashboard, you can see some "quick stats," your site speed, recent visitors, and more.

From here, you can view a roll-up of your website statistics by clicking the "Full Stat Report" icon. 


This will open a page indicating how many total visitors you have had for the desired timeline (which you can alter, to view a longer, shorter, or specific period of time)

It will also allow you to see what type of device has been used, the visitor's IP address, the average amount of time they spend on your website, and much more, by scrolling down your full stat report.