Add a Recorded MP3 to MessageShare



1. Go to and log in. Your login should be your e-mail address and your password is your Kingdom Customer Number or Church name. We have attached these in your email. 

2. After you login, at the right hand side of the Dashboard is a button marked Quick Links. This gives you the option to Add a New Message, Add a New Speaker, Add a New Series, or Add a New Topic. 
3. Click on Add a New Message and a form will come up. Fill that out the information the you would like to put in. You MUST fill in the Title and date. The other information you may leave blank. 

4. Once you are done with filling in the info for your message, at the bottom right hand side click the Save Properties button.  Upload Media – Click the Select Files button and all the files you have saved in your Computer will be there for you to choose what you want.

Find your mp3 file and click “Open.” It will then appear right below the Select Files button.  Click Upload File and your mp3 will be sent directly to the Messageshare sermon audio section on your website.


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