Audio Preachit

Add New Audio Messages Using Your PreachIt Component  The file size upload limit for your website is 400MB. Audio files must be .mp3 format ADDING MP3 AUDIO MESSAGES  Click “Components” Click “PreachIt” Click on “Messages” on the left hand menu Click the green new button in the upper left hand corner.   You are now on […]


Add a Recorded MP3 to MessageShare       1. Go to and log in. Your login should be your e-mail address and your password is your Kingdom Customer Number or Church name. We have attached these in your email.    2. After you login, at the right hand side of the Dashboard is a button […]


Making Changes & Updates to “Articles”    You can make changes to the wording and text on your website pages by clicking on the CONTENT button near the top of your control panel and then clicking the word ARTICLES.   Once you are at the ARTICLE MANAGER you will be able to choose what article you […]


Add Events to Your JEvents Calendar From the top menu in your back-end, click COMPONENTS From the list of components, click JEVENTS.  Next you will be on the JEVENTS control panel.  Click MANAGE EVENTS.  To create a new event click the NEW button in the upper left hand corner.  You will have two tabs to complete: COMMON and […]

Unite Revolution Slider 2

Adding Images to your Home Page Rotator: Using Unite Revolution Slider 2 or Unite Slider Click “Components”Click “Unite Revolution Slider 2” at the bottom of the listClick the blue “Edit Slides” button to the rightClick blue “New Slide” in bottom left corner to add a new photo to your rotatorTO DELETE simply click red “Delete” […]


Overview of your Kingdom Website Your website is made up of three pieces: articles, components, and  modules.   ARTICLES are the pages of your site, and contain text and photos much like articles in a magazine.   COMPONENTS are things that do something or are interactive, such as your calendar, PreachIt message page, and online […]

Logging In

Logging In to Make Updates & Changes   You can login to the back-end, also known as the administrative side, of your site by going to your domain name and adding “/administrator” to the end of your URL. For example, if your domain name was you would type in You will then type in the USERNAME and PASSWORD […]

2J Photo Gallery

Adding or Deleting Photos from your 2J Photo Gallery       Click on “Components” Click on “2J Photo Gallery” to open up the “Instance Manager” Click “Open Instances Manager for creation/edit instances…” Click your photo gallery title. This will open the Instance Settings for your gallery. You can click the “Upload” tab to upload […]


Add or Remove Products with RokQuickCart To Add Items To Your Store: Click “Components” Click “RokQuickCart” from the list of components.  To add new products, click the green “New” button in the upper left hand corner. Fill out the product name, price, and shipping (if you choose to add shipping to your product price). Add […]


Add or Remove Products Click “Components” Click “JooCommerce” Adding Products to Your JooCommerce Store: Add new products by clicking the green “New” button in the upper left hand corner.   Fill out the title of the product, description, price, and category SKU, STOCK AVAILABLE, TITLE TAG, DESCRIPTION TAG or KEYWORDS TAG are not required. You […]

LiveStreaming Support Guide

Quick Start Guide – Media TV Platform For further Technical Support you can reach Dr. David Yanez at RevMedia at  ​ 1-888-376-1989​ ​ or submit a support a ticket here​ To log in to your live streaming dashboard, click on the following link: Dashboard:   Once you log in to your dashboard, take a look at the […]


Adding YouTube Videos to Articles   Follow these steps to place a YouTube video right on your page:   Go to Youtube video you want to place on your site. Copy the URL from the browser address bar. Open the article (or module) you want the video to appear in on your website. Paste that […]

Adding a Hyperlink

Add a Hyperlink   Highlight either the text or the photo in an article or module that you wish to be hyperlinked. Click the “Insert/Edit Link” button from the formatting buttons above the word processing box. (this is the chain link button) This will pop up the Insert/Edit Link box.  Type in, or paste, the URL […]

How do I add new pages to my website?

Add a New Page to your Website This is a two step process   STEP ONE: First, create a new article by clicking “Contents” and then “Articles”Click the green “New” button in the upper left hand corner.Fill in the Title of your new pageFill in content of your page if you have it available. If […]

How do I add my PayPal information to my online store?

Adding your PayPal Information to your RokQuickCart Online Store   Click “Components” and then click “RokQuikCart” Click “Options” on the far right upper corner, underneath the Joomla! logo. Scroll down to “PayPal Options” Add your PayPal email address to the section labeled “PayPal Email” Click Save & Close   Adding your PayPal Information to your […]

How do I add a sub-menu item?

Creating a Sub-Menu Item on your Main Menu   First, create your new article. This will be your new page. Then click Save & Close Next, click “Menus” from top menuClick “Main Menu”Click green “New” button in upper left cornerAdd Menu Title (this is what will display on your menu) Menu item type: Click blue […]

How do I add a PDF flyer to my website?

Adding a PDF Flyer to Your Website   Adding a pdf flyer is a two-step process. You will need to first upload the file, and then place it within the website. The following instructions explain how to make a PDF available through a link within your website. If you would like the PDF file to directly […]

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